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Originally Posted by tennus View Post
Well, I really don't think you can compare Draper's tennis achievements with Connors, Lendl or Sampras !
Of course you can compare Draper's tennis achievements to Connors, Lendl and Sampras - as you keep proving (saying he isn't as good means you have compared him to them) . That he didn't achieve as much as them is irrelevant. The fact remains that he was good enough to get to the pro tour as a tennis player. When it comes to golf, none of those guys were capable of merely qualifying to play on the tour, let alone winning an event. So, while we can compare Draper's pro tennis achievements to theirs - even if he comes up a long way short- we can't realistically compare their pro golf achievements to his as they never managed to compete at the same level (Lendl missed the cut each time, I believe).

You can, if you like, compare Draper to Ellsworth Vines who did win a pro golf tournament, had a number of good finishes and was (I think) a semi-finalist at the 1951 PGA Championship. Draper isn't at that level yet but he at least has the opportunity.

Yes, you can compare a VW and a Porsche but you can't use them as an analogy for people.
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