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This was covered a couple years back when Gasquet first made a splash, well before he hired and fired Tariq. Anyone here who's followed his career a bit knows he doesn't seem to have switched his equipment (except maybe the shoes, Oscillates in practice photos rather than Asics Gel Enqvists) - there's massive attention on his every move in L'Equipe and Tennis (French) magazine. Here's the post - btw, Sylvain, if you're reading, bonjour a Giselle et Evie

goran007 - 07:49am Jun 30, 2002 PDT (#9 of 10)

I know some of the answers to your questions guys. Gasquet has his raquet strung at my local tennis shop so I see his racket every now and then. He plays with a Head Prestige Intelligence 630 which is not the mid but the mid-plus. He strings it with Head natural gut for the mains and some cheap Head poly for the crosses (or vice versa I'm not sure where you put the gut if it's on the crosses or the mains). He strings it at 24 kilos (52.8 lbs) for the mains and 22 kilos (48.4lbs) for the crosses. His coach is his father who trained him since he was 4 or something and I don't think his father has coached anyone except his son.
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