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Originally Posted by Ryan in Saratoga View Post
o ok i get what you mean.

I was just wondering if it is possible to make a good living. What is a likelyhood of finding me a job as a coach or instructor that makes $35 or $40 an hour? And where would i most likely find this job? A college? Club? Private school?

And is there like a college to learn to be an instructor?
Is that $35 or $40 an hour AFTER the court / club fee? For example, a tennis instructor may charge $60 an hour for a private lesson, but has to pay the court / club (college, etc.) $30 an hour for a court. But the $60 hour pro is usually a pretty experienced, USPTA pro 1 or PTR pro.

You can make a stable income as a tennis director. Problem is, you make more money as a successful tennis instructor.

If you make $35 to $40 an hour, remember this only translates to at most $80K per year, because you won't be able to give lessons all the time assuming you are healthy (at a certain point, your body does break down ... it's called getting old).

I know a tennis pro that developed skin cancer, despite taking precautions. His income dropped severely
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