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There arent very manyTP's who make a good living teaching tennis. Many of them arent even sponsored in any sort of real way. Think it sounds glamorous? It ain't..the hours are awful, it beats up your body, and you have to be able to tolerate all kinds of funky behaviour from people, and if you do it full time for any length of time, the last thing you want to do after work is look at another tennis ball, let alone hit one..the security also aint so great unless you get very lucky, and if you get injured, you're hosed. many have to buy their own health care coverage, insurances, etc. it's a burnout job for many if you do it full time for any sort of duration. There are a billion TP's out here..almost anyone can become a certified's all about if you know how to teach or not and know how to/want to play the mind games with owners and members, and that all takes experience....there are plenty of experienced pros already in place taking the few really good jobs, with more waiting in the just isnt very popular and there is a huge glut of teaching pros...however, if you are good looking and ripped and speak with an accent and will do whatever some manager who doesnt know tennis wants you to do, you may be able to do ok for a cases like that, ability to teach tennis often becomes unimportant
Also, dont believe when you hear what TP's's like all those 4.0's claiming to be 5.0's
I only taught full time for maybe 3 years..that was plenty to make me realize I needed to rely on another career, but i've most always taught part time, and that's fun
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