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Originally Posted by palikero View Post
Many, if not all, pro shops should be able to install heat shrink sleeves properly.

Frankly, you could do it yourself instead of paying the proshop to do it.
Just use a heat gun/hair dryer after lining the sleeve on the pallet.

If you dont have a heat gun, you can also use a stove in your house.
Just slide the sleeve over the pallet, then hold the racquet over a stove set on medium low, and slowly continuously rotate the racquet handle over the heat of the stove. The shrink sleeve will shrink down in about 10 seconds.
Just make sure to continuously rotate the handle, or else you might burn the shrink sleeve.
Also, remember not to slide the sleeve too high up the handle, because it will be quite difficult to trim the excess from the top. You would rather want to trim the excess off the racquet handle end side, as it's much easier (and less chance to scratch the racquet).
Come to think of it, you're totally right about the stove thing... Thank you for your (quite complete) answer, Palikero.
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