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Hi Stimpy,

These things weigh a ton! Are you sure you want me to send them internationally? I'm sure the postage would cost big $$$.

I'm not sure you actually need them. If you already have these items in your machine, then I don't see why you would need a second set.

My advice would be to put your money into purchasing a 6 point head from another machine and simply fix it to the top of your Oliver. That's what I've done and it's the best machine going round in my opinion.

Sorry about not posting the info like I said I would. I did a bit of research on fixing the original table-top to the oliver. Reading the manual that came with the machine, you definately need a starting clamp to get it working correctly. In fact, the instructions basically said to clamp one end of the string using the starting clamp, and then string the main for an entire side of the racquet! I would not recommend doing this for a modern racquet, as you need to spread the load on the mains evenly. eg. String a few main on one side, then alternate and do the other. Stringing an entire side of the mains will cause a lot of stress on the racquet and could crack it.

It was probably OK back in the day when a small headed, wooden racquet strung with gut at low tension was OK. Times have changed.
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