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Originally Posted by maverick1 View Post
How do you topspin a ball that is less than a foot above the ground, even on the forehand side?
As far as I have seen, people either hit sidespin or, if they force a topspin shot, it will be a loopy junk ball off the bottom edge of the frame.


A reverse forehand works pretty well on a low shot when you are trying to hit top spin.

You'll also have to bend you knees on the forehand side and you would probably use a semi-westren or eastern forehand grip. Just get low and brush up. You may even scrape your racket off the court,

You can still get some topspin and a fairly low ball. Maybe not a ball that you have to scrape off the court (2-3 inches), but it's possible with a ball 6 inches to a foot off the court.
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