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Wives!! What do they know!! Haha.
It wasn't so hard but starting with 2 floating clamps was a bit confusing, as I explained in my post in the stringing forum.
Now I understand what you are saying from the manual. Like you say can't do that on modern racquets and I won't try either.
Initially that's why I was interested in your glide clamp; then I could have two fixed clamps to do a modern string job i.e. mains starting in the middle and working symmetircally out. Still interested if you ever want to sell them. Can send them to Melbourne and I'll pick them up from there. But I understand you might want to keep the machine complete. No worries mate.
My plans is to do another badminton racquet and then try stringing an old Wilson aluminium tennis racket with some cheap strings....then it's my wife's Prince O3 white next. She's really the tennis player, not me. I'm just the cheap husband who don't want to fork out for stringing every month.
Thanks mate.
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