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Originally Posted by caesar66 View Post
And i love how women players have no trouble asking for equal money, but when asked about playing best of five, mauresmo's comment was "no one has asked us to." i think the women who want the money should be the ones to step up and take responsibility.
I agree.

Many people are saying that 5 setters would be boring, the women will be tired, it won't hold an audience, etc., etc. The basic point is that the final only, and maybe semifinals, is what's being discussed (unless I misunderstood the OP). I think it would be exciting because there would be two worthy opponents in the final, as always: Mauresmo, Henin, Serena, Sharapova, and very likely, Venus. Anyway way you pair these players up, it's a match worth watching (and worth muting, if it's Venus/Serena/Sharapova). Think about it: Would Henin have won Dubai 4 years in a row had it been best 3 of 5? Probably, but they would've been some epic matches.

I say, make finals best 3 of 5. Let the women know that the WTA isn't a serving of chocolate pudding and they have to actually compete in order to earn what they want.
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