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Hi Radical.
I just strung my wives 03 and it turned out quite good. I ended up using a two string job as I didn't realise the racket had a left side right side orientation. I did not know how to read Princes stringing instructions.
I used 17L Gamma strings. Probably not the best strings in the world but they'll do for my first string job. I've got a couple of questions for you.
Do you have trouble pulling the strings Throat end at the start near the middle on the Oliver? Do you have to "double pull" because of string stretch? I calibrated it to pull 67lbs using a digital fish scale, I figure I'll lose about 5lbs but using Marc Rotigg FreqMess program and adjusting for real tension I actually ended with string bed at 53lbs. Does that sound about correct to you? Thanks!!
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