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Originally Posted by larlarbd View Post
Nothing Visible is on FED's racquet EXCEPT the 17MM thin bar & the BUTTCAP ( n90 ) , I have a K90 - so I know his K90 felt VERY VERY heavy compared to mine - even balanced - not head light.
Federer probably customizes his K90 with lead tape underneath the bumper guard, that's why it probably feels heavier even if you can't "see" the lead tape.

BTW, my retail K90 weighs 13.2 oz. stock with just two thin overgrips on it, so I don't know how much heavier Federer's K90 can be. I mean, he swings with such massive racquet head speed, I doubt his racquet can be that much heavier, especailly when he seems to be able to swing just as fast after playing against Nadal on slow red clay for grueling 5 sets and 5 long hours.
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