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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
Wilson's marketing is just too good. First, they bring out the NCodes and convince the uninitiated masses that Fed is playing with it. The initiated ones also went and bought them, even though they knew about PJs. They just had to get one for themselves. Then we read all those posts about how stable the racquet was, but you had to be a Federer to use it. The sister stick, N95, was hailed as the best stick ever made (yes, I remember those posts). TW went right along with the flow - if I remember right, the N90 playtest (which did not give a very good review) had comments like "I now have a real appreciation of Federer's talent."

Then posts started appearing about the drill pattern and grip, and how the N90 could not be Fed's racquet. Rumors of the K Factor started popping up. In parallel, the N90 abuse started - it is muted, too stiff, etc., as a mental preparation to justify spending money on the K90.

Then, Wilson comes out with the K90, and, lo and behold, it does have the same drill pattern and grip size of Fed's racquet. Now, both the uninitiated and initiated masses went and bought it, the first category not knowing better, and the second hoping that this is closer to Fed's real stick.

Either way, Wilson wins every time!
Buy Wilson stake, then at least you'll win and lose at the same time, rather than solely lose.

darn. it's a business, the legal word for everything illegal otherwise. consumers are sheep and pigs. Bill Gate$ does it the best. LOL.
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