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Originally Posted by Kirill View Post
Hey everybody!!!
21:03 Spanish time, hehe, I am writing our blog. I would like to write about our life in this academy: our tennis practice and physical training. Ok letís go.

You know, tennis is strange thing, when u watch it, u think, whatís so difficult in this sport, just hit the ball. Our physical coach says: Court is so big and u, guys, canít hit it in the court. Sorry, man, its life. What u see, its wrong, just try it. In our academy and I think in all academies in Spain, we work more on Spanish style.:bounce:
This is just the kind of thing I think will be liked and appreciated. How you are taught, tips, advice, etc, from Spain - fantastico! You realise that the Spanish methods are quite unknown to the rest of the world? More of these glimpses into how you train please!

And if I have one small tip of my own, it's to really try and get your English writing to an even higher standard - but please don't take that too badly - you're doing a brilliant job, but maybe you could use the help of a very good English speaker/writer? Whatever...

Muchas gracias!

(Sorry Kirill, my Spanish is very bad - and my Russian doesn't exist!)

BTW, which Spanish and Russian football teams you support?
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