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I'm currently playing D1 tennis right now. I would say that you would most likely need to be in the top 25 or so of your section (depending on the section though). For really strong sections, you could be ranked higher. It all just depends on the school though. Try getting in touch with the coach and see what he has to say. Good luck tennis life!
This is the only reasonable advice on this post---everyone else is alot of speculation. Everything is school dependent. There are a bunch of small D1 schools that cant fill rosters and have players with varying abaility--this is True across the board at every level of college tennis.

The Big name schools of course have the top players who are easily 5.0+, but many of them have guys who are solid 4.0 and 4.5s who are "on the team" and get some travel time and play some of the "B" Flight tournaments, but they arent the starting varsity players.

Since you asked about Midatlantic-- German Boryachinskiy was ranked 13 in MATA last year in 18 and under and is now playing at Clemson, #6-8 singles.
Clemson is #31 in the Country right now.

Best advice, email and call the coach, let them know you are interested. He will give you an idea of what they are looking for in ********. All Coaches are looking for top flight talent, so take the " you have to be ranked X to be considered' with a grain of salt.
Schedule a Visit with the school and coach. most often he will arrange for you to meet and play some of the players, usually someone in the middle of the line up and someone at the bottom of the team.
Then he'll ask them what they thought of you. Dont have a bad attitude, dont get upset when you play. work hard for every ball. Depending on the nature of the visit, official or unoffical the coach may be present to see some of it.
After yoru visit follow up with the coach to at least thank him and express your continued interest in the school, and assure him that he'll be hearing from you again and youll work hard to achieve the goals he set for you .
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