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I had a nice long post but the system logged me out. So here's the Cliff Notes version.

1. Make a tennis/academic resume you can forward to your college coaches you are interested in. Include references from H.S. coaches, teaching pros and teachers, 1 each should be enough.
2. If you have the time and resources make a tennis video of yourself practicing and of some match play singles and doubles. Along with your resume this may help perk their interest. Keep it simple.
3. Make sure you register for an account and fill in all the info on your account at the following website.
4. If you are willing to work very hard at your game from the sounds of your current ranking and of the schools you are interested in you have a shot. Go for it.
5. Contact the coaches and see if you can arrange a visit. All programs are not the same, that goes for D1 as well as DII, DIII, NAIA and JUCO. Some coaches are looking for moldable talent with a strong work ethic in practice and who will develop into varsity material.
6. Some DII, DIII, NAIA and JUCO teams are very strong. Don't be deceived by the D1 moniker, some of them stink. Look at the coach and find out what his philosophy's are on tennis, academia etc., Does he only want top ranked players or is he willing to work with players with a lot of desire and heart? Check the tennis and athletic facilities and find out how well the school supports tennis.

FYI. I was about a 4.0 out of H.S. Went to a small nationally ranked NAIA program in the Mid-west. I got to play for two great coaches who worked hard to develop their players games. Freshman year I started out about #11 of 22 on the team. Moved up to #8. Got to travel some with the varsity and got to play exhibition matches at #8 singles and #4 doubles. Sophomore #5 singles conference champion. Junior #2-4 singles and #3 doubles. Senior #3-4 singles and #2 doubles. Our little NAIA teams beat D1 teams like Kansas State, Creighton and Drake.

Good luck

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