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One other thing about him being unseeded at the 94 Open, it had more to do w/ the fact that he only had a half season of points coming in. His wrist had screwed him up in '93, had lost in the 1st round of the US that year, didn't play at all in the fall (1 DC match), had surgery, and skipped the '94 Aus Open, and the entire early '94 indoor season. He didn't start playing again until Scottsdale (which he won), made the finals of the Lipton a few weeks later, so he played well in '94 once he started. Had a couple of tough draws in the French and Wimbledon, sure, but the unseeded business has more to do w/ him not having any USO points or AO points, plus missing half a year. By the time he had a full years points in he was #2, and took over #1 in March of '95 (when Sampras was playing near his prime).
That was a pretty exciting time, as I recall. I didn't like Agassi much at the time but it appeared as he rounded the corner in 94 and began 95 that he was going to make a real run at Sampras, which he did (and failed). I just re-watched the semi from the 95 USO against Becker and his passes were astonishing--lasers from everywhere and anywhere.
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