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Originally Posted by armand View Post
I distinctly remember McEnroe's commentary in the early rounds of the '99 French saying that Agassi was half the player he was in '90 and '91. Well, he ended up winning the tournament but I never found out if it was because Agassi began playing better in the later rounds, or that the competition was so much poorer compared to '90 '91(or possibly McEnroe was exaggerating).
That's proably true. After he "came back" the year before, he finished a solid #6 I think it was, but never challenged the top players at the top events. In 99, he'd had a poor clay court season (even going out to RAFTER on CLAY!), so Mac probably thought he was pretty safe w/ his comment. Who'd a thunk that he would go 27-1 in his next 4 slams?
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