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Are you absolutely sure this rule applies to playing at different NTRP levels?

Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
I'm in the mood to throw a huge hissy fit over the 2-player rule in our section. It is:

One of my 3.0 players and I were planning to play up on the same 3.5 team. The 3.5 captain was holding tryouts and sending me 3.0 players she accepts for her team. This, I figured, was great. These 3.0s who are tough enough to play 3.5 to the satisfication of an experienced 3.5 captain would be wonderful additions to my team. We'd be sister teams!

And then we remembered the 2-player rule.

What difference does it make if more than 2 players from one team join another team? What good does this rule accomplish?

Maybe if someone can make a logical argument in favor of the rule, I would feel better. As it stands, I will probably step aside and let two of my players take the two available 3.5 slots.

So much for playing up this spring.
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