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Default It is one thing to lose to a friend, but a girl!

ugh I play with this group everyday it usually consists of 4-6 people. We are 14-16 years old, all of us friends. Today out of the group I played one girl in a tennis team match we are both 14, I am 5'11" she is 5'4". I tell you she can hit some really hard groundstrokes. I usually win 6-4 6-4 but in the tennis team match we played one 10 game set. So I start out losing 2-5 then I make a comeback and am down 5-6 it stays like this until I am down 8-9 She breaks a string at the beginning of the 18th game, I offer to let her use my back up racquet. She would have had to use her moms extre oversize racquet and she was awful with it. So I let her use mine and she played GREAT. She beat me 10-8. ( we are friends, I wanted it to stay competitive but I wanted to win of course) We had already won the other 3 courts and won the event but in the specific match, should I have let her use my racquet?
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