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Originally Posted by denty151 View Post
so yea, my friend is a professional stringer. He and his brother are both invited frequently to string at major tournaments. i was hanging around his shop the other day and we just started talking. i brought up the pj stuff and we were discussing strings and such when he showed me jill craybas' racquet. it was pretty cool but when i gave it back to him after a looksy, he disappeared to the back and brought out... DUN DUN DUNNNNNN Roddick's Weapon of choice given to him and his brother a while back !!!! here are some pics...

He uses the old butt cap. it says 4 and 1/2 but it feels more like a 4 and 7/8

JCS sticker at the throat.

next post..
did u look under the grip isn't it synthetic..i know others say its synthetic but i want to hear from the guy who posted this
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