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Mac and Cheese. That was really well ... Krafted.

But it hits it.
Mac would not really be Mac without the cheesy Vaudeville thing. He's convinced himself of a lot. I think he really believes his act. The sturm und drang. The histrionics. The quote unquote, RAGE.

I've been a Mac fan since the seventies. I grew up playing in the ETA and faced his brother Pat a few times. I also remember his other brother Mark. I saw John practice a good bit. At Cove Racquet and at Port.

I saw him play at Flushing a lot, too, and in his early days as a pro, the whole rebel thing was not an act. He was lashing out against the old fogies who ran the game (and not always very well). He genuinely hated the fakes and the phonies. And more importantly, John played the game with grace, style, ease, efficiency and ridiculous talent. He was compared to Laver and Hoad.

Then maybe he bagan to hate losing. And hate playing fair and square. So he had to add some controversy to his matches. This is where he lost many of his detractors. Unfortunate. All of this hate.

But he gained a lot of fans. Undeniably, he gained a lot of interest (negative and positive) for this great sport.

I respect the guy. I love his game. No question about that. It is just disappointing sometimes, to see that he has become a caricature of himself. That he, himself is just a little bit phony now, because that's what the people want to see.

Hey, Mac, maybe you're right. But there are some of us who just love you for your game. And the truth. ANd much of your commentary. But mostly that attacking/high percentage/touchy-feel game of yours.
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