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Originally Posted by D. Nelson View Post
....nice pictures...the ONLY thing I'm surprised about is that GRIP size.....esPECIALLY because I was Missouri!! I was under the (visual/logical) impression that his grip was very SMALL....look at his service grip and 'usual' forehand grip --- no way does it look like so much of his hand could actually go 'around' the grip if it was that big....VERY surprising !!!!???! Even more surprising....I was assuming that the reason he shanked so many 'do-able' volleys is because of the small grip size; not being comfortable/confident/stable when volleying against a hard hit ball.....I'd DEFINITELY like to swing that stick just to SEE that grip size/shape.....
Probably a 4 1/2 butt cap on a smaller grip... looks like he has his grip flare out a bit near the butt (the bigger cap would help)...?
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