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Originally Posted by Rabbit View Post
Why say something like this? I think it's rather callous.

Chances are if you were doing the same thing without subscribing to a religion, she'd probably respect you any way. I, for one, applaud the sincerity and vigor with which she pursues not only the humanity of her work, but the theology as well.

I think her motive and religous belief is both sincere and of the highest nature. I couldn't respect her any more. She gave away her fortune and followed what she believed. There aren't too many examples like hers any where in the world.
Sadly, she isn't following she believes, she's following what she's been indoctrinated into - no different from if she'd gone to Waco, or the Moonies. Ironically, what she's done is inhuman - in so far as what defines humanity is our capacity to think, and she's subscribed wholesale to a religous corporation. I'm genuinely and profoundly sad that she so lost touch with what's important that she had to go and co-opt an entire doctrine, however apparently laudable some of that institutions values may appear to be.

It wasn't a callous remark, it was a considered one. And I believe it is a genuine warning to parents who push their kids into sport creating a vacuum of life's other elements - and Ms Jaeger was relatively succesful in her tennis life. Some might think that becoming a nun is better than turning to drugs. At a psychological and philosophical level they are interchangeable.
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