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Originally Posted by Rabbit View Post
Why say something like this? I think it's rather callous.

Chances are if you were doing the same thing without subscribing to a religion, she'd probably respect you any way. I, for one, applaud the sincerity and vigor with which she pursues not only the humanity of her work, but the theology as well.

I think her motive and religous belief is both sincere and of the highest nature. I couldn't respect her any more. She gave away her fortune and followed what she believed. There aren't too many examples like hers any where in the world.
I think the key word here is followed.
She followed something (religion) whose parameters and policies and beliefs were already set and defined, rather than create her own.

I view religions in much the same way as I view politics. People who subscribe to one political party or another generally adopt all of the policies and 'beliefs' of that party, rather than form their own independent, individual perspectives. The same occurs within religions - there are expectations and policies and beliefs that one must adopt and adhere to in order to belong. And when one adopts any policies or beliefs or principles that are not of their own independent creation, the beliefs, principles, etc. are not as strong or as solid. Sort of like doing something out of association and/or expectation rather than doing it because of a strong, sincere personal belief.
To do something because one believes that "it is God's will" to me is no different than to do something "because it is George Bush's will", or any other political leader.
To do something because it is ONE'S OWN will - not because it is any other's - that is what commands my respect.

If one possesses a strong and sincere enough personal belief in something, there is no need to join any sort of party or organization in order to pursue that belief.

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