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Since personal experience is going for proof here is my personal experience.

I used to use vibe dampeners for no specific reason. They came with the racquet and looked OK, so I used them. A number of years back after an extremely long lay off, I bought a newer and "better" (read: stiffer), racquet. Boom! TE, really bad, really quick. Rested my arm, but as soon as I used that stick, it was back. Took Motrin, no help. Did some research ( ) Dumped the pain-stick and got a ProKennex 5G. Arm was 80% better. I really wanted to be pain free though. But couldn't get that last 20%. Got ****ed and frustrated and said screw it! I'm going to use free weights even though it hurt to use them. 2 weeks later no pain to this day.

Here's the rub, after about 6 months of being painfree, I read a post on this board about someone noticing more feedback from their racquet with the dampener off (the 5G is very dead feeling BTW), and that it helped their game. So I removed mine and agreed. Hasn't been put back on and the pain hasn't been back either.
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