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I believe this was discussed in Tennis Mag many years ago. Stringbed vibration does not cause tennis elbow. And there is a difference between VIBRATION and SHOCK. To put it simply, how can a few gram piece of rubber negate the shock when a 2oz tennis ball strikes the stringbed of a 10-13oz racquet at a high rate of speed? I'm no physicist but it makes sense to me. PK's kinetic system, on the other hand, does seem to work.
I agree with you that PK kinetic system seems to work, which is why I bought one. But it also seems to me that whatever particles inside those PK racquets that supposedly counter the shock and vibration weigh no more than a few grams. And to my knowledge, no physicist has published an article in a peer-reviewed journal that proves that this kinetic system works for TE sufferers.

Look. Whatever shock annd vibration the frame gets from the ball must be transmitted through the strings, unless you hit a frame shot. And I am not even making the argument that a string vibration dampener will make a big difference to TE.

I am merely pointing out the fact that the Babolat gadget, which is placed on the frame itself as well as on the strings, claims to dampen the frame vibration and that I find that it helps quite a bit. And it is my arm that notices the difference, not my ear.
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