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Originally Posted by heycal View Post
Others might. Not you.

Personally, I find racquetresearch to be of some interest on this subject, but not wholly reliable.

Can you tell us your exact weight routine, LuckyR, and how you think it might have helped your Te? (I think we talked about this before, but I've forgotten.)

Here's my two cents on this all: I play with a 5g. I don't find it all that helpful for TE. I use a vibe dampener just because there seems little reason not to, but I don't think it makes a difference either way. I have not tried this specific Baboloat one referred to above, but I'll probably put it on my list of devices and gimmicks to waste money on during my TE saga...

I am using travlrajm's medium old setup (the last time I asked him, he was currently removing not only the lead from the tail, but also some racquet plastic from the tail, ie moving the balance more Head Heavy, I was a bit concerned about my elbow <I don't believe he takes that into consideration, personally. I think he is performance oriented only>) on a PK Ionic 5 (not the 5G). That is: a little lead at the tail, a full strip (which is split for each side from about 8 o clock to 4 o clock <starting and stopping at the 4th cross>) and a double strip at 12 o clock.

He has posted a number of times about it in the racquet section, but it may have been awhile ago.
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