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Originally Posted by atatu View Post
There's no way a 5.0 could beat her. It's not like she's been sitting around doing nothing since she retired, she's on the court all the time hitting balls. A good 5.5 who can serve and volley would give her a close match...maybe.
That's what I think pretty much. I hit with a woman who was around 100 in the world in the early 80's, and I don't think she lost to any of the 4.5 or 5.0 players at this club I would sometimes place at. She was chunky, but her preparation, technique, and footwork were still so much better than everybody else's that it didn't matter. Her shots weren't powerful but I was surprised by how much weight they had. This is something I always notice with high level players, is that their shots are just flat heavier and sometimes it's a complete mystery as to how or why. And she did something with EVERY ball. Even if she just barely got her racket on the ball, she would redirect it someplace. With her, it was a matter of if I played her a few times, I think I could have beaten her relatively easy. It was just new to play somebody who could hit with so much precision. But she was out of shape and hadn't played seriously in nearly two decades.

Since Evert was a WAAAAYYYYYY better player than this woman, and looks to have remained in better shape, and hits with world class juniors on a regular basis, I would think she could beat every male up to the 5.5 level. And on a good day, depending on the matchup, she could probably do beat a 5.5 player.

I know a guy who actually hit with Evert once. He played 3 singles for Western Michigan way back in the day, and for a while had the most wins in MAC history. He said that she hit a very heavy ball.

And McEnroe is still 7.0 when he's motivated. If it's just 1 set, he can still hang with top 50 players on fast courts. I've seen him absolutely raping a club pro in Queens, a guy who wins satellite tournaments in the area.

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