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Originally Posted by drakulie View Post
I once saw an ex-pro play a few 5.0's. This guy was not ever a top ten player, or slam contender. He was in his mid to late 50's???.

He beat the living daylights out of a few 5.0's. One of the 5.0's was ranked top 5 in Florida.

After witnessing that, I would think Evert would have no problems with 5.0's.
A 50 year old ex pro male is not the same as ex pro Evert.
I have watched 5.0 players give top 10 females a run for their money, and Evert is no 10 ten player now. Evert could not beat college players when she was in her prime. Neither could Martina, by her own admission.

Zina Garrison and Lori McNeil used to practice with the mens Univ of Houston players, but they could not beat them. That is when they were top ten.

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