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Originally Posted by Moose Malloy View Post
what issue was it? what was the article about specifically? did she say this or did someone else? thanks

I wish I still have that issue. I just checked and the issue seems to be fromn 2001-2 cause their past issues posting started in 2003. I remember seeing Hingis as well as Seles, Stevenson.

It was a instructional article (How to beat a man or something like that) and She was using PSC6.1 if I remember correctly. And at the end of the article, there was it - Former No.1. She can still beat 95% of ~. I might be wrong but Tennis magazine writers would do funny things from time to time. For example, "Cliff Drysdale has two sides, one forehand and one suicide" whatever it means. Maybe his backhand sucked?

Regarding 'heavy balls', I had a chance to hit with a college player from San Jose. I cannot explain exactly how he could do it but his balls were like a brick-so heavy. Just amazing.
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