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Originally Posted by raiden031 View Post
Look at the NTRP experienced player guidelines. There is a chart showing the downgrading of players as they age. I don't know if those numbers would actually be enforced if a former ATP tried to play USTA, but I'm just going by what it says. But like I said, its probably an absolute minimum for self-rating purposes, and is not necessarily accurate.
But you're missing the single most important part of the NTRP ratings systems. They don't apply to world class players. McEnroe is still a world class player. So while the verbiage may fit some idea you have of McEnroe's abilities, reality is far from what you apply from the description.

Originally Posted by ipodtennispro View Post
What happens if they get fat and out of shape?
Now that may be an interesting question. I might be able to take a game or two off of 63-year old Billie Jean King, if I'm spot on.

I got the Wimbledon internet feed last year and watched some of the senior matches. While the guys lack movement (Nastase, Dent, Smith, Stockton, etc.) they can still hit the ball. And when I say they lack movement, they don't move like current ATP guys. They are, after all, in their 50s and have put on some....enjoyed their retirement. However, I harbor no illusions of giving these guys a match.
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