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Originally Posted by patrick922 View Post
i think that a former pro that is old would be at LEAST a 6.0. i mean they were pro at one point so they have to be good. even on the seniors tour, they hit pretty well. just because they havent been playing on the tour doesnt mean they suck. chris evert will probably beat a 5.0 player easily.
I would bet money on it. Even at her age, her timing, footwork, anticipation, preparation, depth, and precision more than make up for whatever advantage a man might have in strength, height, or speed. Yes, the men will have physical advantages, but in terms of skill Chris is in a completely different league. Maybe 5.0 guys would understand if they played Tony Roche, who is 62 yo. He will be very slow compared to every young 5.0 but I wouldn't be surprised if he could beat most or all of them. His precision alone would be too much for them. The pros, even former pros, really play a completely different game. A strong 6.0 is where it starts sort of resembling the tennis world class players play.
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