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Originally Posted by patrick922 View Post
i think that a former pro that is old would be at LEAST a 6.0. i mean they were pro at one point so they have to be good. even on the seniors tour, they hit pretty well. just because they havent been playing on the tour doesnt mean they suck. chris evert will probably beat a 5.0 player easily.
This isnt true. I had a hit with a guy who is 50 or so and played the main draw of Wimby back in the day...he and i were really even, but i was playing fairly often and he wasnt. i'm a 5.0

Evert is 50 herself and her serve is a lollipop that isnt going to hurt a 5.0. a 5.0 with a good serve could hurt her a lot however. from the backcourt, it's pretty tough against any wta player or former wta'er, so much would depend upon the style of play of the 5.0..a 5.0 baseliner likely would have no chance, but an allcourter would do pretty well i think
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