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Based on what I've seen and the people I've spoken to about this... it is entirely possible that more than one active pro player has perused this board, but I sincerely doubt that any have registered or posted here. Some reportedly read MTF, but none have posted there either.

I know that Jan-Mike has looked at this forum exactly once because I gave him the link to the thread that asked about his academy in Hawaii. He looked at his old messageboard no more than three times, mainly because he didn't really care what was said there, he knew I would tell him if there was anything important, and he didn't want anyone to feel self conscious about speaking freely to other fans. He posted there once to thank his fans for a Christmas gift.

The players that I know or have seen that carry laptops with them (most of them) can usually be found playing online poker, tracking their fantasy football teams, checking their facebook/myspace pages, playing video games (more than a few WoW nerds), making travel arrangements on every travel site known to man, reading the news 'back home' if they are not from the US, or keeping up on music and music videos. I've seen some that use MSN/Yahoo/AIM more than any of my friends and I do. Yes, they do have a lot of down time, but as someone said earlier, they play tennis all day long and talking about it all night is just about the last thing they want to do.
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