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Originally Posted by JRstriker12 View Post
10 Reasons Why Pros Don't Post Here:

1. I don't know, maybe they are practicing and training?

2. Living like a tennis star can be tiring - you know all the women, cars, clothes, clubbing. Probably rather sleep to save energy for when the next supermodel calls than talk to a bunch of 3.5 hacks.

3. Can't always get a internet connection while spending most of thier hours traveling from tournament to tournament in planes, cars, trains, etc.

4. If Roger Federer or any other pro posted here, who would actually believe that Roger Federer was posting on TT?

Federer1- It's really me guys. Since you guys want to know what I am playing with, I wanted to tell you that I am really using the K-Factor now. No paint job.

Deskjocky32- No way. Get the **** out of here. I don't have time for sockpuppets like you. Now 10isLover456, what racket do you think Federer is REALLY using? Any picts?

5. TT is connected to a online tennis store. If I was a pro, I'd want $$$ to make an appearance on that store's chat boards.

6. Since they aren't chained to a desk 8 hours a day and hopefully love what they do, they don't need to go online to talk to people. They can actually get up and go somewhere and sit around the pool with a beer and hang with thier peeps.

7. One poster who shall not be named and his mystical customization tips for creating a racket that can make you as good as any pro.

8. Too busy playing virtua tennis on this 100" HDTV

9. They don't post, but lurk in the Tennis Tips/ Instruction Section.

10. I am a pro and a post here all the time!!!!
hahahah loved the list.
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