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Originally Posted by dlo View Post
Hey guys, I have a teenage son who keeps getting a blister at the bottom of his palm, not where the butt of the racket hits, but up in the flat part. I am old school and use a continental grip and he uses a western. Is that causing it? He is using a 4 3/8 grip. What do you guys think?
Don't think it's the Western grip. Plenty of people use a Western grip and don't get blisters.

When was the last time he changed the grip/over grip on his racket? An old grip/over grip could be too slippery and cause the blister. Maybe try differents overgrips. I like gamma hi-tech. Others swear on tourna-grip.

Also, if he's a growing boy, double check to see if his 4 3/8 grip is too small for his hand.
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