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Originally Posted by Cavallino View Post
cause that is why i want something to represent tennis, but without any company logo.
Excellent. Lucky the Ferrari symbol isn't a corporate logo....

Originally Posted by Cavallino View Post
A Ferrari fan without money to buy a Ferrari?
Probably drives a corsa, whoops... no, that's a Ferrari fan without the brains to buy and drive a Ferrari. My bad...

Originally Posted by Wtitanium View Post
Haha, my bad, that is what I meant. I was just at the Babolat site and then I thought of the cherry, so I got messed up.

Hmm... no company logo... I have no good ideas then really.
That, that is a very sad indictment.

Originally Posted by Joeyg View Post

Why not a racket with the handle pointing straight up and then two large tennis balls at the base? I think this would be VERY attractive. LOL
Located on the forehead?
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