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A player orginaly deemed a clay court specilist winning 5 wimbledons is really incredible, particularly when he consider this is probabely the greatest clay courter of all time. Also grass and clay were more different back then, clay was slower and grass was faster and had more uneven bounces. The uneven bounces did aide Borg's vollying, allowing him to get away with less accurate vollying, however this is still a great achivement. I am always suprised Borg is not more often involved in the GOAT argument, in terms of career domiance he is unparalled. Borg has the highest winning percentage of all open-era GOAT contenders, and it is even higher in slams. Borg won something like 41% of all slams he ever entered. Borg also won 3 slams without losing a set, 2 FO and 1 Wimbledon. Noone who played Borg 3 times or more had a winning Head2Head against him. Borg won a record 33 consecutive davis cup matches, and has a 5 set record of 26-4 (W-L), noone else is even close to these figures. He certainly deserves a mention in any open-era GOAT argument.
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