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Justine can still be over powered by both Williams. She said she much rather play Serena than Venus, because Venus is a tougher opponent for her. Justine only has 1 win over Venus and it was a 3setter. Justine has 2 wins over Serena just last year. I think Venus is up in the series 7-1 if I'm not mistaken. Venus' 2-hander is more dangerous than both of Justine's shots. If Venus hit her forehand as good as her backhand, she'd be the best. Although Venus can hit alot of winners off the FH side, it tends to break down in close matches. Hopefully she's been working on it some on her break. I'm pulling for Venus this Nasdaq and Wimbledon this year. She should of won last year, just that darn relapse of her stomach !
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