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Default player was late to a match- how to handle it?

I had a player who showed up 45 minutes late to a match this past Saturday when I was out of town. The match was across town and supposedly the traffic was bad. He was set to play line #3 so he wouldn't have to go on until the 1s or 2s finished up so he was a little unlucky that our top line just crushed the other team. The team we were playing against were very accommodating and let us put the #4 line on the court ahead of the #3 line so we didn't have to default any points but if the other team had been sticklers for the rules we would have been in major trouble.

my first reaction would be to sit this player for this weekend. The problem is that the guy is out the next 2 weeks after that and benching him for a month seems pretty harsh.

Any advice on what I should do?
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