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that oversizes would make you lazy and force you to compact strokes is a myth. it is true that most oversize racquets on the market are power racquets intended for the use of recreational players, and in such a case you really stay with compact strokes because otherwise you'd tear down fences if going for a full and fast swing. but there are also some players oversizes out there - oversizes in the 106-107 range, that basically have less power than a pure drive. so, if we would follow the logics of compact strokes, than every stiff racquet out there, even in midsize or midplus, would not allow the development of a nice and full swung stroke. now, it is obvious that this last assesment simply isn't true, you can have a full swing with the pure drive and still hit it within the court, and you can have the same full swing with some oversize racquets and hit it in the court as well.
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