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Originally Posted by cak View Post
FIVE lines of doubles!!!! It's true, ALTA is heaven.
Yeah Cak, 5 lines SOUNDS good, but since you're only assigned 2 courts, that means that the players on line 5 could wait 3 or 4 hours before playing, depending on how long the previous matches take. And since there are no
3rd-set tie-breakers (you've got to play the full third set), a match can go on quite a while. I've had to wait 3 hours before stepping on the court, then wound up having to play 3 full sets. And it gets pretty hot and muggy down here in Georgia! One neat feature of ALTA tennis is that the home team brings snacks/drinks. I've been to some matches in which the home team was boozing it up at 8:00 in the morning! LOL! They lost to us, but you could tell they were having a good time!
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