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Originally Posted by Chauvalito View Post
I agree with you as well. On occasion when my brothers are watching she will say something that makes no sense and we will just look at each other.

If you want great commentary, get ATP master's series TV.

The commentators are 2 Brits most of the time, and they talk about the players, matches, and their games in a way that any player can learn from.

The best part is that they speak sparingly and to the point, rather than the incessant jibbering of Carillo or Shriver...
You are so right, and that's something I noticed when I first got my hands on the 2005 Safin vs Federer Australian Open Semi-Final video. The two Eurosport guys talked about their games, previous matches in the tournament, and so much relevant information.. all BETWEEN points. That was such a revelation to actually hear good commentary during a match. You can't truly comprehend how bad the commentary is on ESPN2 until you experience competent commentators do commentary.

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