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Originally Posted by Fee View Post
some of you might find this interesting
Man that is hilarious stuff, thanks so much for posting that link.

BTW, like in your sig, I love the ignore list feature too. LOVE IT!~

Here is a sample of some of Brian's funny stuff (paragraphs added by me and I fixed one transpo error):

We got to the aiport at 415 and I stumbled out of the car with my loads of luggage all but defeated and thinking I would have to buy another flight at the airport. I ran straight to the Condor (budget German airline) counter and laid on the please and thank yous as thick as possible.

I also said I had to be in europe asap as I was to be playing in a huge tennis tournament which was being televised all over and it would not be complete without me, yes me. For some reason they do not adhere to the 60 minutes before flight, check in is closed for international travel. So without breaking out some cash to bribe the little old lady fumbling with my passport and paper ticket she got me a middle seat direct to Frankfurt (middle whoopee).

At this point I didn't really care, so I sprinted upstairs with my racquets in tow and made the fairly short security line. I made it through, but I forgot to see the four large letter s's on my boarding card, special screening for me (whoopee!).

So it was 435 and this guy was going through all my electronics trying to figure out what they were. "Son, what is this for?" I replied, " Well that is for entertainment, to keep me company on my 12 hour flight to Frankfurt, (cough) if I make it, that is." What are they for? What do you think they are for, having fun, being entertained, passing the time, not for cooking eggs or stringing my tennis rackets thank you very much!

So, I made the flight and had a whole row to myself, thanks to that little old lady at the desk! I stretched out and got out the electronics to get me through the flight as we took off. This was all too easy I thought, so a baby behind started to wail like he had swallowed some spicy curry of sort.

This went on for about 80% of the flight and the mother seemed to think it was all ok, and didn't really bother to think much of it. Also, the baby's jump kicking my seat didn't seem to bother her, but why would it, it was only my neck being catupulted back and forward every 90 seconds. Well, at least that kid will be the next chuck norris, eating indian food between takes of his action movie or something.

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