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Originally Posted by ghssf View Post

I am playing in my first NTRP tournament this weekend (4.0) and not exactly sure how these go or what to expect.

So i was wondering if there are etiquette-type things that first-timers do or don't do that bother you so I can avoid common newbie mistakes.

Someone should give you a prize, this is the most polite and thoughtful post I've seen on these boards in ages!

For me at a tournament, I'd only be annoyed with someone else / an opponent if they:

a. Cheated
b. Arrived late
c. Didn't come prepared and asked me to borrow something major
d. Grunted like screamapova
e. Walked onto my court mid-point to get a ball

Yup, I think that covers it. In reality, the last tournament I played the only people I found annoying in any way were the horrid parents of some of the juniors!
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