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Originally Posted by max View Post
Why don't pro players post here?
Originally Posted by raiden031 View Post
I don't really understand this myself.
What a screamer! I missed it an came upon it in a SERP. Wow! You guys are that far gone, eh?

And to the anti-American: "Community"? Is is it European "community" that results in all those homeless WORKING beggars littering the streets of Europe? They starve and freeze on the sidewalks with crowds of "humanitarian" Euros walking by and looking the other way. Community?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we have beggars decorating the grand streets of Europe again. And Euros call giving them pup-tents to hide their human faces "community."

Or is it that whenever Euros might see one of their sins, they reflexively project it off onto the Great Scapegoat instead? Does that make you boys and girls feel better about yourselves?

Was it a "community" that let 15,000 French people perish in a mere heat wave because it was mass vacation time that August? Talk about Hurricane Katrina - that very day many thousands of people in the neighboring states left work, went to their churches and other community organizations, and as private citizens started gathering supplies and making plans to go to the rescue as soon as the storm passed. When has such "COMMUNITY" EVER occured in Europe?

Answer: Never. Europeans would never even THINK of lending a hand.

Indeed, in Italy for instance they have built walls around poor districts, with checkpoints, to keep the poor in. Reminiscent of 60 years ago? Is that this vaunted European "community"?

Was it a sense of "community" in Canada that caused the looting there during the blackout of a few ago? No looting south of the border, was there?

No upbringing: come on an American board and insult Americans.

So, there. Now you have an answer. How do you like a dose of your own medicine? Especially when it's TRUE.

So, remember, don't throw stones if you live in a glass house. And Europe does.

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