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[QUOTE=samizram;1371115]What a screamer! I missed it an came upon it in a SERP. Wow! You guys are that far gone, eh?

And to the anti-American: "Community"? Is is it European "community" that results in all those homeless WORKING beggars littering the streets of Europe? They starve and freeze on the sidewalks with crowds of "humanitarian" Euros walking by and looking the other way. Community?.......

Eh, what does this long preaching have to do with the question "why don't pro players post here"? Beggars littering the streets of Europe? No, tennis dude! We're discussing tennis here!
What's next? A long post about why the sky is blue or where babies come from? Nah, I think you're in the wrong forum buddy...


Why doesn't a pro like David Nalbandian have a fan site? The guy is hard to find info about! Keeps hiding like a flea on a homeless person... <-- oops! sorry, back to the homeless issue!
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