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I played in an Open 45s tournament once and this guy I played didn't know how to play or score a tiebreaker. In fact he barely knew how to keep score period.

This guy was amazing! He was the tennis version of an idiot savant. He’d never played a tournament in his life and was clueless about the rules of the game, but he had an almost un-returnable 125-130 mph 1st and 2nd serve and ripped forehand winners all match long.

He had no backhand whatsoever, and if I drew him to the net his volley attempts were the ugliest thing you ever saw.

He said he’s just started playing about a year earlier and I believed he was telling the truth.

I looked up and nearly the entire club (all the other tournament players who weren’t playing and the club’s staff) were gathered around watching our match. You could here laughs of disbelief when this guy would boom a serve, or rip one of his 100 mph forehands. It was unreal.

I’ll never forget the sound of his serve. It was like a mini sonic boom! It was an indoor tournament so it magnified the sound even more.

I could not break him and he got me in a third-set tiebreak. Then to add insult to injury the guy never showed up for his next round and has never been heard from since.
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