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Originally Posted by bleach View Post
He got all upset, saying it wasn't fair and he should get a chance to play on the other side. I didn't have a rule book with me (never make that mistake again) and I couldn't get a ref over (I don't understand that). So I just gave in, not like it mattered.
Wouldn't that have had you changing on evens instead of odds? Weird, I certainly wouldn't have given in there....

Originally Posted by tennismike33 View Post
I hate the guy who shows up and is carrying 2 bags of equipment onto the court. Leave your change of clothes in the car, if you need to change it isn't a big deal.
As goober said, I don't see how this affects you? In fact, I'd much rather an opponent bring *everything* they think they'll need on to the court, it means that breaks will be minimal. I'd personally much rather be prepared than be short something I just might need....
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