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Rule #1 Treat others as you would have them treat you
Rule #2 Show up at least 30 minutes prior to the match starting time (in case tournament is running early)
Rule #3 If you have to withdraw from the tournament, make sure you communicate it to your tournament director and/or referee

Other issues were covered by the other posters. But to reiterate the bigger issues:

1. The warm up is limited to 5 minutes. So no blaster ball tennis. If you think you can intimidate experienced players, you can't. (rule #1)
2. Avoid excessive chatting, unless the other player is willing to (rule #1)
3. Avoid interrupting other matches (chasing down stray ball, excessive chattiness, etc.) (rule #1)
4. Be prepared and bring your own gear (rule #1)
5. Know the ITF rules of tennis and The Code (again, rule #1)
6. Be courteous towards the other player (ie. don't selfishly take the only chair with your gear) (again, rule #1)
7. Winning without honor is not winning at all.
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